Peer Study

In 1991, Harvard professor Eric Mazur began designing an instructional strategy for teaching called peer instruction, which has been found to be more beneficial than class-wide discussion or lecture. Compared with the traditional 1-on-1 class and class-wide discussion, peer study improves students' sense of competition and improves the efficiency of cooperative learning. By adopting the method, Landi has revolutionized Chinese online education industry.


Who we are

Landi English is a leading online content-based language course provider in China. By adopting the student-centered teaching method Peer Study throughout the whole teaching system, Landi has revolutionized real-time online courses from traditional one on one to one on more.


What we do

Landi English, is developed with an immersive teaching system, based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning ), aiming to positively transform Chinese students’ English learning patterns with content language learning, from kindergarten to high school level.


What we believe

We believe there is a better way to integrate global educational resources with cutting-edge Internet technology, to bring education equality to every kid around the world.

Why Landi

Great Flexibility
Start teaching with Landi from wherever you are in the world, simply with a laptop and Internet. Schedule can be adjusted according to your availability.

Great Support
Landi curriculum team provides teachers teaching plans and teaching material;
Landi training team offers teachers training covering all teaching methods and approaches needed;
Landi TiME team is dedicated to creating a sustainable online teaching environment

Great Students
Landi Class Pool Scheme allows teachers to meet more than one student in a class and meet a same group of students from a class pool, which all contribute to better class engagement and interaction.

Great Pay
Landi offers competitive start rate with incentives, plus a progressively developing career path.

Teacher Testimonial
Landi is a wonderful company that really looks out for their teachers! The communication is quick and effective. The trainings are great and of course the interactions with studen...
Iesha Madden
Joining Landi was the best employment decision I have ever made. I was a little unsure at first about teaching online but after fantastic guidance from staff at Landi and getting...
Reece Benson
I want to express how proud and thankful I am to be given the opportunity to teach English to the most amazing students at Landi English! I have been teaching with this amazi...
Debbie Losee
Working at Landi has been like a dream come true. To be honest, I'm still waiting to "wake up" so to speak. It's given me the freedom to work from home at a legit company and to do...
Tasha Swearingen
I love teaching with Landi. The students are so lovely and I'm always impressed by their capacity to learn. One of the most unique and wonderful things I've found about working wit...
Chelsea Mei Lee
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